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There’s no such thing as black on black crime. There’s only crime. You never hear anyone talk about Asian on Asian crime. Or white on white crime. It’s not because it doesn’t occur. Pay attention to the semantics. It’s because they want you to think you’re the problem. To begin with black people don’t even create the circumstances that produce crime. So people will try to say “but black people kill other black people everyday” to side step the real issue, which is police brutality and racism. Just as it has always been. Don’t let these folks tell you anything otherwise.

wherestonersarefree said: I would like to take time to thank you for showing us the process of your art work! You're truly amazing for that and your art work is something to truly appreciate and to be inspired by! Thank you again❤️

No, problem! Thank you for the love! I hope people found it helpful!

NES 1986

Space Warrior

Fallen Angel

 Hero of Legend

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I get lots of questions about my coloring process so I decided to put together a simple step by step walkthrough. Before I start I wanna talk briefly about the materials i’m gonna use.


5x8 400 Series Strathmore sketchbook: I choose this paper for marker work because it absorbs the ink nicely with minimal bleeding which helps keeps edges nice and sharp. It bleeds thru the other side though so I keep a sheet under the page to avoid ruining the next page.

Prismacolor markers and Copic markers: I use both together. I think most markers can be mixed and matched without any problems. There’s pros and cons with each brand, which i’ll go into detail with in a separate post

Pencils & Pens: Ido most of my sketches with col erase pencils cause they’re not waxed based which means easier clean up. They can also be blended with marker (which is what the cotton swab is for). I color directly over my line work. For this reason I generally don’t use graphite pencils because they leave dirty smudges when it comes into contact with the ink. For inking I use Faber Castell Pitt Pens and for highlights a white colored pencil and a white gel pen.

Now that that’s outta the way lets begin.


I start out with a light sketch. It’s so light that I had to up the contrast just a bit. I usually use no more than 2 colors (red and blue) for no particular reason other than distinguishing certain shapes from each other. This is Pit from Kid Icarus. 



I start by filling in all the shapes with an even base layer. I’m coloring directly over my line work. You want to take your time, but also move at consistent pace because the best way to avoid unwanted streaks is to fill in a shape completely while the the ink is still damp.



When the first layer dries I add the second layer. The color i’m using is Heath, a light purple.



With a darker purple I repeat the last step and add shadows to the hair. I’m using the brush tip for those sharp tips and corners on the hair.



I repeat the 1st step for Pit’s toga. I try to avoid leaving anything pure white, so for anything that’s white I’ll use Cool Grey 0. Also I colored in his nose w/ a pink marker



For every other shape I repeat the first two steps. Initial layer and then a shadow layer. Ar this point the drawing begins to take shape. To keep things interesting I try to give different shapes their own unique texture.



Now I add the inks. I save this step for last because it helps me avoid the hassle of unwanted ink smudges. It’s not required that you do it this way, but I find it works best for me.



This is the fun part. Fine details. This where the pencils come back into play. Carmine red col erase pencil for the rosy cheeks. Blending it with a cotton swab can get you a nice gradient. (A trick that doesn’t work as well w/ regular prismacolor pencils cause they’re waxy) But they can still be used for other details. The white pencil is great for highlights and because it has a grainy texture it helps add a different type of texture like on Pit’s Gauntlets for instance. The white gel pen is for the pure white reflective highlights, which I try to keep to a minimum.



At this point Pit is done. This handsome thing is called a Monoeye. I’m gonna repeat every step I used on Pit on him.



Using the color Lipstick Natural I add in a 2nd layer keeping in mind that I want his texture to look like that of an avocado or orange. 



Added the inks and the highlights. Again i’m thinking about the texture of oranges and avocados. This little guy is finished.


I usually save the background for last. With a prisma marker I gradually fill in the entire background. I use the the flat chisel end cause it helps cover a wider surface area more quickly. I basically repeated the first step here. Again, you want to move at a consistent pace to avoid streaking. Too fast and you’ll end up with streaks, too slow and the marker ink will dry.


Here is scanned version of the drawing. I hope y’all found this informative. Thank you all for your support. If you have any more questions about anything that wasn’t clear to you I’ll be more than happy to answer. 


Nuri Durr sketch of the day drawing drawing tutorial kid icarus pit nintendo copic art copic marker

samanthamandy said: I'm totally creeping your blog. your art is wonderful. I legit wanna see all of it. lol

Thank you! You can see more of my work on my instagram (@actionhankbeard). I post regularly there

Mega Man X


Mega Man X

Mega Man Mega Man X Zero Capcom Sketch Of The Day Nuri Durr Drawing Copic Art Copic Marker




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hoodaffairs said: Hey bro, I've been following you for a minute and I have to say your marker work is amazing. How do you blend your colors so well? Also i'm starting to work with markers and Im using a Blick studio set, do you have any recommendations or tips?

Thank you! My approach with markers is always the same whether it’s Copic, Prisma or even sharpie. I build layers, working light to dark. Always good to use a nice heavyweight paper that can handle the saturation. Personally I prefer Strathmore drawing paper 400 series. RENDR also makes pretty good marker paper. Doesn’t bleed thru at all, but the first initial layer of marker is always grainy.

When I have the time (and can remember to do so) I’ll piece together a step by step tutorial thingy on my process to help better illustrate my technique. I hope that helps!

Anonymous said: How do you know how to draw so well? It's amazing I've have tried to get to the same level and I just can't get it, do you have any tips or tricks to Harlow me become a better artist?

Hey, Anon. The best advice I can give you is to keep at it honestly. Drawing is a skill that doesn’t come overnight. I’ve been drawing since I was at least 5. I’m 25 today. Improvement is relative. Avoid the trap of comparing your growth to others. Everyone improves at their own rate.

Draw as often as possible. Make it a priority. Make use of the information and tutorials available to you on the internet. And be patient with yourself. I know first hand how frustrating it can be, but you can’t be too hard on yourself.

And if you ever have any specific questions regarding techniques and such I’ll be happy to answer as best I can. Keep creating.