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youcomehere said: Do you do any digital work also, how did you & how can you get notice as an artist, like do you continue to push out work until people notice & want to collaborate & buy your work?

I don’t work digitally. I enjoy working traditionally, but I am not opposed to it. As far as getting your work out there, honestly that’s something I’ve just started trying to do myself recently. Best advice I can give is to draw and share your work online. Just give people something to look at on a consistent basis. Over time you’ll bring more attention to your art.

Anonymous said: Recently just found your artwork online & your marker game is on point and so I thought I could reach out & ask some quest. When you charge for your work, how do you go by doing it exactly? Like do you have a set price for stuff or it varies at time?

Thank you! Because every commission is different I have to price them accordingly. I factor in things such as size, color vs B&W and how much labor goes into the piece in general. For example an 11x14 4 person family portrait would cost much more than a 9x12 2 person portrait. My standard sizes for commissions is either 9x12 or 11x14. I sale all prints at a fixed price though.



Marvel by Moebius.

A great artist can take a classic design and make it their own while keeping the essence intact. Moebius was definitely one of the greats.

Anonymous said: your art is amazing and you're gorgeous!

Thank you, you’re too kind!

Anonymous said: Have u done any breaking bad drawings

I haven’t. Never even watched it.

ng808 said: Do people ever tell you that you look like Andre 3000?

All the time actually. Especially when I wear a fedora lol

hellomisternigga said: Do you have an instagram account? I just flooded my page with your work and I wanna let the folk kno where to find you. Dope stuff!

IG name, tumblr name same thang.

jasminerenedean said: You are an amazing artist. 😀

Thank you!

It’s not often that I buy new supplies. So when I do I tend to splurge.. 😅

It’s not often that I buy new supplies. So when I do I tend to splurge.. 😅

Anonymous said: I've always wondered... Where did the name "action hank beard" come from? I feel like it's a reference to something i might now and would feel super dumb for not catching it sooner...

The name originates from an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory where Dexter invents a machine that helps him grow a beard so he’ll be “rugged” and loved by women like his hero, Action Hank.