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Anonymous said: i've gotta mutual friend with craig bartlett and i saw someone linking him to your post on facebook! seems like he digs it

Wow, please point this out to me!

Anonymous said: How come Curly isn't in Yo Pataki?

I considered him. There were drafts for him. As well as many others (Chocolate Boy, Iggy, Ruth McDougal the adult characters etc). But It’s easy to get carried away reimagining the world these characters inhabit. So I decided to go with the characters I felt were the most integral to Arnold and Helga’s childhood. With the exception of Stoop Kid, who I threw in because the episode he appeared in was one of my favorites.

Anonymous said: Hey sorry, I know you get this a lot but I just have to say that I absolutely ADORE your art. Not gonna lie, it was the Hey Arnold series that brought me to your blog and I was just blown away by your other works. I was just wondering, since I always have such problems with posing my characters, how do you go about the posing process? (also backgrounds, I'm pretty bad with those)

Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to check out my art. The best advice I can give you on coming up with poses for your characters is to people sketch. Make a habit of taking a small sketchbook with you when you’re out and just people sketch. Try places where people do a lot of waiting around like malls and restaurants. Don’t worry about making pretty, finished illustrations. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The idea is to build up your visual library. The more you draw the more you’ll be able to recall things from your own memory. And this applies to anything. Figure drawing, Landscapes, everyday objects, whatever. Just draw stuff as often as possible. Every little bit counts and you’ll notice an improvement in your skill.

bitteroreo said: Yo I just had to message you, to say you are fucking amazing. I just saw your Yo Pataki drawings/headcanons they are so accurate and spot on. I can tell you really put a lot of thought, work and love into creating those beautiful pieces of art. Everything was so spot on, my heart actually skipped a beat. You're awesome, and I have no problem shamelessly gushing all over you and your work, bless you.

Thank you! I tried to keep the stories and designs true to the characters I grew up with. I’m happy they were so well received!

Anonymous said: I cannot BELIEVE your reimagining of Hey Arnold, Yo Pataki! I absolutely loved that show when I was little and I read your descriptions of the characters growing up. That and the artwork was incredible! You've brought back so much nostalgia along with desire for a continuation. If made from your insights I would definitely watch! I am so happy to have seen that. Thank you, bless you.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them!

Anonymous said: Your art work is marvelous and brings me tears of joy. Please keep up the amazing work!

Thank you!

yungmunnyvee said: Is that Prometheus and Bob on Sid's shirt? Love the Yo, Pataki art! Wish it were a real series :)

Thank you! And yes that is Prometheus & Bob! Lol

damianimated said: What in particular did you use to create the Hey Arnold! pieces? The shading was top notch. I know it's marker, is it copic?

Thanks! I used copic and prisma marker on toned paper.

lachesis-ism said: Your HA! AU artwork is such an amazing collection of pieces and extremely On Point. Your style really lended itself to the characters' expressiveness and unique designs, and I adore your little stories for each of them. Stoop Kid was a particular favorite holy moly. SUCH an inspiration. I will watch your art with rabid interest.

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed them!